Sunday, May 17, 2009

This year is a big birthday -the one where all the insurance companies send you greetings and you receive your medicare card! Part A, part B and what to do for the rest of your coverage - very boring but a milestone to be sure. So I decided that while I still could remember (long term care birthday cards have been arriving daily) I would try to organize some thoughts about my life and what I have done and what is still left to do. So bear with me as I scramble and ramble to make this all work. The blogging is a new experience and it is quite exciting!

I will dedicate this blog to my 3 sons: Jeffrey; Peter and Greg. I hope that they will come to know and understand me a bit better - not that they don't now but there parts of me that they do not know.

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patti britt said...

Carol....this is wonderful. Have enjoyed every word.....and picture


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